Book of Ra Deluxe

Book of Ra Deluxe differs from other slot machines. Promoting a great, exclusive way to play to ensures it is entertaining to its users whilst at times guaranteeing some downright outrageous wins! The slot set up contains five reels and up to ten pay lines. The actual Book of Ra Deluxe symbols being key symbols play a dual role as a wildcard and also as a key to the slot bonus game. The theme is based on Ancient Egypt and the game was and remains one of the most played games in online casinos and iGaming websites.

Book of Ra Deluxe Winning Symbols

A distinguishing feature of this slot game is the special gamble function. The orange function stands out and triggers when a user scores any paying group of symbols, this includes any two symbols from the left pane of the slot game. Players can choose to wager their prize winnings by wagering via a higher and lower card game. This special feature is complimented with a history of the past six outcomes in order for the player to base his prediction on.

Book of Ra Deluxe Bonus game

Book Of Ra Deluxe slot also incorporates a really terrific bonus that is very easy to understand. A significant Ten free spins that may be reached by any user who reaches three Book Of Ra symbols at the same time on any reel. The Bonus is triggered when this happens and it is irrelevant whether this was within a bonus round (a bonus within a bonus) or during a standard game spin. Should the bonus be active when this is hit again, the 10 spins are added again – theoretically a player may trigger a bonus within a bonus within a bonus!

Whilst the bonus rounds are being spun, an expanding symbol is selected and is illuminated to show the power it wields and the advantages it holds over it’s siblings. These symbols are unrestricted and may show up on ANY of the five reels. Of course these trigger further pay outs and may even expand enough to conquer the entire face of the game – essentially representing each and every pay out line and position. This is why Book Of Ra is truly the king of slot machines whether online or offline.

Book of Ra Deluxe Payout Table

Whilst the aforementioned feature within Book of Ra triggers in the ways described – the pay out factor is also very interesting. You should note that the actual probability of the Book of Ra reels also heighten during the bonus feature. What this means is that this Novomatic Game is well known not only because of the great features of this game, but also because when the game pays – it pays in a huge way. Book Of Ra is probably the biggest big win game which does not depend on a network or non-network jackpot. Another great aspect of this game is that you know where you stand – all balances, pay outs etc are displayed in real cash value and not in chip value which need to be converted back into cash.

Different lines, differing coin denominations ensure that the pay table is fresh and and wraps itself around the player’s play style. It is always recommendable however to play the maximum on all pay lines in order for a game such as Book of Ra to be fully taken advantage of. This is because the game favors high stakes as opposed to paying after a number of spins, it is the stake which is a determining factor.

Beautiful graphics, a mystifying ancient Egypt Theme. Book of Ra and Book of Ra Deluxe are two versions of one fantastic core – a core value which has excited players and profited Novomatic Games for over 40 years!